EastBanc is in Portugal to stay and continue to revitalise Lisbon

In 2005, when nobody gave much thought to the potential of the city’s historic centre, Anthony Lanier appeared, known as the American who arrived in Portugal to buy the palaces and palacetes in Príncipe Real, renovate them and transform the place into a charming neighbourhood. A visionary who went through one of the biggest crises in the country and did not give up, nor did he abandon the ‘boat’. He continued his project with some adaptations to the market.

Tiago Eiró, is now the CEO of EastBanc in Portugal and in an interview to Diário Imobiliário reveals how was the challenge to rehabilitate Palácio Faria, a residential project with the signature of the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, in the Príncipe Real neighbourhood and also the company’s strategy for the future. For this responsible, even with a pandemic, EastBanc is here to stay.

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