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Tiago Eiró

“As long-term investors, we at Eastbanc are dedicated to creating timeless value for our assets, looking to develop unique and differentiating solutions in a variety of activity segments. Our focus is on high-quality urban regeneration so that we can live, work, and shop at the same place.”

Tiago Eiró

EastBanc Portugal

Eastbanc Portugal is a subsidiary of Eastbanc Inc., a property development and management company that specializes in the acquisition, renovation, and management of real estate assets with a particular focus on urban regeneration.

Founded by Anthony Lanier and based in Washington DC, Eastbanc specializes in real-estate promotion and management, pursuing to achieve long-term appreciation of commercial, residential, and tourism assets.

After renovating Georgetown’s neighborhoods in Washington DC, Eastbanc has been investing in Portugal – particularly in Príncipe Real – for the last 20 years. Its intervention has included urban regeneration, from residential and office buildings to high-street retail development.

So far, Eastbanc has acquired around 20 buildings in Portugal, such as Palacete Ribeiro da Cunha (now EmbaiXada), Palacete Faria (awarded four times as best residential renovation in Portugal in 2020), and other palaces – mostly exclusive and historical buildings -, thus becoming one of the main property developers of the Portuguese market in the urban regeneration field. It now holds 40,000m2 of Gross Lettable Area (GLA) in real estate promotion and management, and integrates a variety of projects, from commercial properties to offices, condominiums, hotels, among others.

The company follows a long-term strategy of continuous development of its assets, paired with acquisitions in its neighborhood of choice (Príncipe Real) and other areas of the city, always looking at regeneration. Larger projects, however, are also being developed from scratch.


Anthony Lanier


Tiago Eiró


Rui Tomé

Chief Financial Officer

Filipa Valle Teixeira

Retail & Sales

Fernando Sant’Anna de Miranda

Head of Construction

Marta Cadete

Head of Development & Asset Management

Miguel Leal da Costa

Investment Manager

Ana Júlia Filipe

Project Manager

António Queiroz Mello

Leasing & Customer Service Manager

Francisca Sócrates

Marketing and Communication

Patrícia Peixoto

Construction Manager

Tiago Dantas

Construction & Maintenance


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