Real Fado

Real Fado

Authentic Fado at astonishing venues


Real Fado celebrates Fado – a traditional music genre of Portugal listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The name honors its home – Príncipe Real -, a neighborhood that combines romantic gardens with the most recent cuisine and fashion trends. We step out of the formal environment of fado houses to present an informal one-hour show and a pleasant pre-dinner program. Intimate and exclusive, these events are now part of the neighborhood’s life.

Our venues

EmbaiXada, at Príncipe Real, is a place full of character and magic where past and present cross their paths. This 19th century neo-Arab palace is home to Lisbon’s new design and lifestyle trends. Parking is free.

Reservatório da Patriarcal (Patriarchal Reservoir)

For intimate and very special concerts, Real Fado visits the Reservatório da Patriarcal (Patriarchal Reservoir), an unexpected place that is unknown to many. This old cistern gathered waters from the upper part of Lisbon to supply the downtown area. Similarly, the concerts recall that union between old and new Lisbon’s fado in a trendy neighborhood that is Príncipe Real. Located in the Príncipe Real garden, the reservoir is a dazzling and surprising place where one can hear Fado embraced by a unique atmosphere.


In this neo-arab palace, a place full of character and magic, Real Fado presents us concerts every Sunday, on such an emblematic location, where Fado and portuguese cultura are the main characters. The concert has a duration of 1 hour and free parking

Our concerts

Traditional fado

In its most traditional form, Fado is performed by one singer accompanied by a Portuguese guitar and a steel-string acoustic guitar (viola de fado), revisiting the eternal fado classics.

Fado and other sounds

We celebrate Fado as an inspiration for several traditional music styles around the world, as well as the influence of other sounds on fado artists. In these concerts, Fado invites Tango (Argentina), Choro and Samba Canção (Brazil), Flamenco (Spain), Opera (Italy), or Cante Alentejano (Portugal) for stunning musical experiences.

Timeless fado

In this concert, voices from different generations come together: one acclaimed artist, with a career spanning more than fifty years, and a rising artist of the new generation of Fado singers. The union of both universes is supported by one Portuguese guitar, one acoustic guitar (viola de fado), and one acoustic bass (viola-baixo).

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Real Tickets – 30€
Our most exclusive tickets for the best seats, closest to the artists, and with special attention and contextualization from the production team.

Ticket– 20€
Real Ticket – 30€
Pack Family – 50€ 4PAX
Ticket Estudante/senior – 15€
Mezzanine ticket (available at EmbaiXada only) – 12,5€

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